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HPM 200 is a multifunctional drilling rig developed to meet the needs of large construction projects and work with confined spaces. Its telescopic Kelly bar with multiple locking system are capable to transmit high torques and push forces. So, It’s possible to perform large diameters and on difficult fields, too. The entire drilling system has been constructed with high-strength materials in order to support the high performance with low weight. So, it was possible to use a not particularly heavy base for the benefit of transportability. It has also tried to reduce to a minimum the time of installation by eliminating the manual functions of mast alignment and connection of the rotary. In addition to the standard version is available the short mast one, very useful to work in areas with limited height. It’s also possible the switching from one version to another by simply replacing the telescopic kelly bar and the crowd cylinder.
The kelly bars are made from concentric tubes of high resistance. The shape of coupling devices has been optimized according to the requests of important companies in drilling field: they are sufficiently large in order to reduce and facilitate rehabilitation and sufficiently close so as to speed up the steps of coupling and uncoupling. The rods are fitted with innovative solutions to prevent unwanted hookings during the ascent phase. The standard square for tools measures 177x177, but It’s possible to provide Kelly Bars with 200x200 or 150x150 squares. The transmission of torque and push from the rotary to kelly is performed by an adapter reduction. It’s possible to use every other kind of Kelly bar (friction type or owned by the customer) by replacement of that adapter.
HPM STANDARD is supplied as standard with a 4/130 kelly bar, suitable to reach the depth of 40 meters (130 feet). With this kelly is possible to insert elements of casing tubes 4.25 meters long (14 feet). It’s also possible to provide kelly bars with larger depth, as the 4/155 (48 meters depth ) up to 5/195 (60 meters depth). The HPM short mast is provided with a kelly bar 6/70 type (22 meter depth).
The Rotary of HPM 200 is constructed using two large pinions and a ring gear of supported by high-speed rotation bearings. The pinions are put into motion by two bent-axis, variable displacement motors, (Parker) and two gearboxes fitted with power shift transmission (Zollern). The rotary is able to provide a maximum and effective torque of 210 kNm (@ 6rpm), the working speed can be set by the operator in the cab to values between 9 and 27 rpm. Also, the speed for downloading the augers can be set by the operator and the maximum speed of discharge is 120 rpm.
The machine HPM 200 was born to perforations of diameters between 800mm and 1500mm, but the maximum diameter of perforation is 2400mm (8 feet) and the minimum diameter is related to the diameter of the kelly bar (450mm for the standard 200, 600mm for the short mast ).
The winches are supplied by the Zollern company , and they have the drum with a particular channel obtained by fusion designed to ensure a long service life of the wire ropes. The main winch works by a winch rope of 28mm (1 "1/8) wire rope. His effective maximum pull force is 205 kN (46,000 lb). The maximum speed was fixed at 60m/min (197 ft / min), but higher speeds can be obtained. The main winch is equipped with an automatic feed device which works during the advancement of the rotary head and a device that prevents the unwiding of the wire rope when the tools arrive to the bottom hole. The auxiliary winch uses a wire rope 22mm (7/8”) wire rope. It has a maximum pull of 115 kN (260 lbf) and a maximum speed of 50 m / min (200 feet/min).
The rotary’s motion is implemented using a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder has a pull force of 400 kN (90,000 lb) pull force and a push force of 200 kN (45,000 lb). The cylinder used in the short mast is shorter. In the HPM 200 standard machine the stroke is 4420mm (14'6 ") in the short mast is 2210mm (7'3").
The drilling structure is composed of a drilling mast and an articulation as a parallelogram. The mast is supported by a central hinge and two cylinders. During the work phase can be obtained inclinations front and side of 6 °. This particular articulation allows the translation of the work axis without losing the verticality of the mast. It’s possible to vary the distance of the work axis from the axis of the machine from a minimum of 3810mm (12'6 ") to a maximum of 4572mm (15').
The height of the HPM 200 standard is 18.3 meters (60 '), and the height of the HPM 200 Short Mast is 7.62 m (25'). The mast head containing the pulleys winch has a Y-shaped configuration and It’s suitable for standard and short machine. It has hydraulic moving cylinders to allow to pass from the work configuration to the transport. During the transport the standard machine has a width of 3 meters (9'10 "), a height of 3430mm (11'3"), a length of 16970mm (55'8 "). The machine without kelly bar weighs 50 tons (112,000 lb). The HPM Short Mast, during transport, has a width of 3 meters (9'10 "), a height of 3300mm (10'10") and a length of 11.58m (38 '). The machine has a weight of 47.8 tons (107,000 lb) without kelly bar, 52 tons (116,000 lb) including kelly bar.
The tracked undercarriage is supplied by Caterpillar according to the specifications of HPM. It has a length of 5200mm (17'1 "), shoes those measure 700mm (27 1/2") and a width of 4270mm (14 ') that is hydraulically reducing to 3000mm (9'10 ") for the transport phase. It has a single speed travel, but it has a remarkable traction force for the movement in the jobside.
HPM 200 uses a Caterpillar Cat 329E base, the same used in standard excavators. This base has a C7.1 ACERT Tier 4 diesel engine with a power of 180 kW (171 kW fly wheel). The Tier 4 Diesel type is suitable for European and the U.S. countries. According to particular request , HPM 200 can be provided on the Cat 329D Tier 3 basis for the other countries. On this basis, HPM adds his Hydraulic system for positioning operations and motion of the rotary. This just to send the entire power to the rotary or to main winch in order to maximize the productivity.
HPM 200 drilling rig uses a custom control system able to transmit the user all the information needed for a good perforation: an in-cab monitor that transmits data relevant to verticality, depth, torque and rotation speed of the rotary, pulling and speed winch, the crowd cylinder pushing force.

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