We are HPM,

a family-owned company, founded in 2012 and based in the middle of Italy (Marche region).
We globally serve the foundation industry by providing high-quality drilling equipment.

We are flexible...

We listen and we satisfy the customers’ needs, designing and manufacturing special machines on request.
We create...

And cultivate long/term relationship with customers and dealers.
We respond...

Quickly to the changing market

HPM drill rigs are designed to get the best torque/weight ratio in the market.

The HPM range of products combines practical design, the latest technology and quality manufacturing to ensure reliable performance.
The modular design allows the HPM to be customised and suitable for various drilling applications, including bored piles, Low-Headroom, Cased bored piles, CFA, Displacement, Soil Mixing, DTH, etc.
For designing and manufacturing machines with top quality material and components which offers exceptional HPM’s success is built on a reputational value and reliability.
Short Mast or Long Mast, Flexibility is the key

HPM machines are multipurpose, easily convertible from tall to short mast for low headroom applications. The same machines can be also equipped for other drilling technologies such as CFA, Soil Mixing, DTH, Hammer, etc...

Safety and Work Optimization

Expandable undercarriages, low centre of gravity and the use of special materials makes HPMs exceptionally stable in any working conditions.
Reduce hauling and operating cost. HPM comes with some innovative patented features, including the Rotary Gear System, Counterweight Lifting device and Auxiliary house lock.

Top Quality Components for a value that last

Our partnership with Caterpillar® guarantees the final customer quality, reliability and excellent assistance over time.
Not only CAT®. Our partners are among the best available in the market! (as well as certified Italian and European origin) 
HPMs keep their value, even after decades.

100% Made in Italy production

With the solid growth of the company and with a clear vision of expansion, HPM moved into a new purpose-built facility in Montefano (MC), 2.5 hours east from Rome. The designing, the assembling and testing of each rig is internal at HPM.
All the components are of certified origin and the spare parts are easily available worldwide ensuring the full efficiency of the machines over the years.

Facing future challenges as an international group

The HPM team knows that each piling projects has different requirements and clients play a key role on the HPM R&D process. Therefore, all HPM models can be customized following the customer’s needs to make the execution of each job a success. The HPM equipment now becoming one of the most popular names in the "low clearance" drilling industry.

From humble beginning

Established in 2012 by the Eng. Giuseppe Cartechini and his son Giacomo, HPM started to design and manufacture prototypes of hydraulic rotary drilling rigs for international players providing innovative products to the drilling industry.

the Family

HPM started as a father-son dream where Giuseppe’s knowledges would boost Giacomo’s entrepreneur visions.
The company moved into manufacturing its own range of drilling rig in 2014 and the range of products grew steadily.
Over the years, skilled technicians and high qualified Engineers have joined the HPM team adding expertise to the team.
Together with young workforce coming from the local community, HPM is now a dynamic young company with over 45 years of working experience in the hydraulic drilling rigs manufacturing.

We believe in leading by example. This is reflected in our engagement with employees, focus on the environment, and commitment to sustainable practices.

We believe in leading by example. This is reflected in our engagement with employees, focus on the environment, and commitment to sustainable practices.

From Montefano to the World

We want to build a better future by growing our own talents. We employ local expertise, and we creating a culture of inclusivity. We’re committed to supporting the local community in which we work.
HPM people are talented and live our values in every action of the day. Despite our individual differences, HPM people is just one team that share the same values:


We complete tasks working as a team


We do the right thing


We travel the extra miles


We do things with pride


We take the lead