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HPM – Our History

Established in 2012 by the Eng. Giuseppe Cartechini and his son Giacomo.
The roots of the company are represented by father and son who had the dream of a family business where Giuseppe's goal was to work on a very high standards product, and a direction centered on the values of respect and community, strongly desired by Giacomo.
Before HPM, Giuseppe worked 23 years as Technical Director in one of the most important manufacturing companies in the field. He was among the first engineers to design hydraulic drilling rigs mounted on a CAT base.
In 2011 he entered into a collaboration with a nascent South American manufacturing company. These were the years in which, due to his talent, he was renamed “Il maestro” (“the master”).

In 2012 Giacomo and Giuseppe Cartechini founded HPM – Hydraulic Performance Machines and so Giuseppe became HPM’s technical director on September 2015.
Over the years, skilled technicians and high qualified Engineers have joined the HPM team and all Giacomo’s brothers, Simone in charge of sales, Michele in purchasing and Giovanni in production, joined the team.
HPM is now a dynamic young company with over 35 years of working experience in the hydraulic drilling rigs manufacturing.

100% Made in Italy production...

With the solid growth of the company and with a clear vision of expansion, HPM moved into a new purpose built facility in Montefano (MC), 2.5 hours east from Rome.
The components are of certified origin and the spare parts are easily available worldwide ensuring the full efficiency of the machines over the years.

...facing future challenges as an international group

The HPM team knows that each piling projects may have different requirements and clients play a key role on the HPM R&D process. Therefore, all HPM models can be customized following the customer’s needs to make the execution of each job on the construction site an easy task. The brand is now one of the best known in the sector of "low clearance" rigs. Drilling machines capable of perform large diameters piles on difficult terrain, and able to work safely under power lines.

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Operating Headquarters

Via dell’Industria, 3 - 62010
Montefano (MC) Italy

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