A 100% Made in Italy production, with high quality and high performance products, built to last and withstand any working condition

Performance and Flexibility

HPM machines are multipurpose. The machines are easily convertible in short mast for low headroom applications, and the same machines can be also equipped with other drilling technologies such as CFA, Soil Mixing, DTH, Hammer, etc...

Safety and Work Optimization

Expandable undercarriages, low center of gravity and the use of special materials makes our machines exceptionally stable in most of different working conditions.
Our patented gears system allows the operator to quickly reach the most suitable working speed and, to save time and cost when moving the rig from a job site to another we have introduced a patented counterweight lifting system. The automatic verticalization of the mast and quick coupler on the rotary allow to a single operator to assemble the machine on site independently and safely, without the use of cranes or other lifting systems.

Top Quality Components for a value that last

Our partnership with Caterpillar guarantees the final customer quality, reliability and excellent assistance over time.

Not only CAT.
Our partner are among the best available in the market! (as well as certified Italian and European origin)
Prerequisites of safeness, innovative patents, using first quality materials: this is what ensures HPM machines quality, productivity and reliability; also facilitating availability of components all over the world.
HPMs keep their value, even after decades.

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HPM 250


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Operating Headquarters

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