HPM 250

Engineered to perform, built to last.

Mounted on a CAT 336 NGH

Available in the following configurations:

  • HPM250 13’ Telescopic Mast
  • HPM250 Standard Mast
  • * Each rig can be easily converted from standard to short-mast version and vice versa in a very short time
    HPM most powerful drill yet, HPM250 provides great torque and drilling performances, while maintaining the operating simplicity of the smaller models.

    Easy to service and simple to operate. HPM250 is a multipurpose drilling rig mounted on a CAT 336 excavator base and CAT expandable & heavy-duty undercarriage.

    All the components like kelly bar, rotary and counterweight can be mounted by the machines itself.
    The fast and automatic rig-up from the cabin ensure a quick and safe rig-up.

    The HPM250 has an effective torque of 315kNm (273.000lbft) and 400kN of crowd pull, proving to currently be the most powerful rig in the HPM fleet.
    The 13 feet version can run tools of 4 meters along the mast, and up to 5.6 meters (19’) underneath the mast.
    The great torque and great crowd pull will make working with large casings an easy task.

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Despite belonging to the large drill class, the HPM250 is mounted on a compact CAT 336 NGH base, which allows for rapid movement of machinery between different job sites, resulting in a cost advantage.
The C9.3B diesel engine has an ISO output of 234 kW and meets the emissions standards of Japan 2014, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V.

Rotary Gear System

10 working speeds, plus 10 discharges allow the operator to choose the best rotary rotation speed. While working. When discharging, with just one click on the joystick the system sets for the operator the ideal discharge speed optimizing the discharge phase.

Auxiliary House Lock

The HPM250 can be equipped with an auxiliary swing brake between the undercarriage and upper.
The operator can make the full use of the whole torque without feeling vibrations or machine swinging from side to side

Counterweight Lifting System

Like most of the HPMs, the HPM250 can assemble itself without the need of assistant cranes.
The operator can safely lower and lift the CAT counterweight by simply using two levers.
This patented feature gives contractors the ability to quickly and easily reduce the overall weight of the rig during the transport phase, making possible to utilize a standard-sized trailer and reduce then hauling costs and avoids oversize/overweight permits.


Effective Torque: 315 kNm / 232000 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 3050 mm / 10 ft
Drilling Depth: 49 m / 160 ft
Operating weight with 5/154 KB: 78 ton – 172000 lb

Building on our cutting-edge technology, the HPM250 standard mast maintains the simplicity of the smaller models while pushing the envelope to reach the toughest drilling requirements.

Specific highlights of the HPM250 HT include high safety standards, efficiency and performance, ease of transportation and short rig-up time.
A long lifetime equipment to make the job done.

HPM250 13' TM

Effective Torque: 315 kNm / 232000 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 4000 mm / 13 ft
Drilling Depth: 27.5 m / 90 ft
Operating weight with 6/90 KB: 70.4 ton – 155000 lb

A cutting-edge design allows to work at great depths while keeping the overall height of the machine low.

With the telescopic mast lifted, the operator can install without additional cranes the 6/90’ kelly bar, able to reach a depth of 27m.
Hight torque, great pull and exceptional stability make drilling with big tool on rocky soil condition an easy task.

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