HPM 250

Mounted on CAT 336F base

The HPM250 are available in the following configuration:
HPM250 13 feet - HPM250 TM (Telescopic Mast) - HPM250 Standard Mast

Each rig can be easily converted from standard to short-mast version and vice versa in a very short time for a true multipurpose rig.

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HPM 250


Despite of its large machine class, the HPM250 is mounted on a compact CAT 336F base, ensuring the fast moving of the machine between different jobsites, thus positively effecting the cost-effective operation of the rig.
The C9.3 ACERT Tier 4 diesel engine has a fly wheel power of 303 hp (226 kW).


The Rotary of HPM 250 is composed of three large pinions and a ring gear of supported by high-speed rotation bearings.
The pinions are moved by three bentaxis, variable displacement motors (Parker) and three gearboxes fitted with power shift transmission (Zollern).
The rotary is able to provide a maximum and effective torque of 232000 lb-ft (315kNm) @ 6.5 rpm, the 10 working speeds can be easily set by the operator.

Patented Rotary Gear System

During the working phase, the operator can choose the right rotary rotation speed, having 10 speed level choices.
HPM has a gear control system that allows the operator to reach quickly the optimal spin-off speed, with just one click.

Patented Counterweight Removal System

HPM250 is equipped with a patented counterweight removal system.
By using two levers, the operator can safely lower and lift the 22.000 lb (10 ton) counterweight without the need of crane.
This feature also gives contractors the ability to quickly and easily reduce the overall weight of the rig during the transport phase, making possible to utilize a standard-sized trailer and reduce then hauling costs and avoids oversize/overweight permits.

HPM250 13'

With a maximum effective torque of 232,000 lbf (315kN) the HPM250 13' is able to work with a 13 ft (4000mm) tool diameter in front of the mast and 18' (5500mm) tool under the mast, in a wide range of strata, including weak rocks.

Torque: 315 kNm, 232000 lf-ft

Max depth: 20 m, 65 ft

Weight: 68000 Kg, 150000 lb

Fly wheel Power: 226 kW, 303 hp


The HPM250 TM has been designed to be a very polyvalent machine, having features similar to the HPM250 13' , the user can work with different types of kelly bar reaching depths of 77 feet (23.5m).
When the telescopic mast is fully extended, it allows the operator to easily mount the 6/75 Kelly bar, without the need of crane.
With a 6/43 Kelly Bar type, the HPM250 TM has a working height of just 20' (6 meters), when using a 6/65 Kelly Bar the working height is less than 25' (7.5 meters) and with the 6/75 Kelly Bar the rig has an height of 26' (8 meters).

Torque: 315 kNm, 232000 lf-ft
Max depth: 23.5 m, 77 ft
Weight: 69000 Kg, 152000 lb
Fly wheel Power: 226 kW, 303 hp

HPM250 Full Mast

The HPM250 is designed to drill deep foundation piles.

The HPM250 has a maximum effective torque of 232,000 lbf (315kN) and is able to drill with a 10' (3050mm) diameter tool in front of the mast down to a depth of 154' (47m) with standard kelly bar.

Torque: 315 kNm, 232000 lf-ft
Max depth: 47 m, 154 ft

Weight: 76400 Kg, 168400 lb
Fly wheel Power: 226 kW, 303 hp

HPM250 13" - HPM250 TM - HPM250

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