HPM 180

High Production and durability with Low Maintenance

Mounted on a CAT 330 NGH base

Available in the following configurations:

  • HPM180
  • HPM180J
  • HPM180R
  • HPM180+

* Each rig can be easily converted from standard to short-mast version and vice versa in a very short time

HPM180 is mounted on a CAT 330 base, equipped with a CAT C7.1 engine.
The range of HPM180 has been studied to provide the clients with a fast and powerful rig that can move quickly and without assembly and disassembly phases during transport. The HPM180 can be transport in one load and can be set up in no time.

Different options are available to meet different needs like high rotary torque, increased crowd pull, expandable undercarriage and more.

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HPM 180


The HPM180 are mounted on CAT 330 NGH base, equipped with CAT C7.1 engine, which meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IV, Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) and Corea Tier 4 Final with an after-treatment system that does not require maintenance or downtime.

Patented Rotary Gear System

Like the other HPMs, the HPM180 is equipped with the patented Rotary Gear System
During the working phase, the operator can choose the right rotary rotation speed, having 10 speeds available.
HPM has a gear control system that allows the operator to reach quickly the optimal spin-off speed, with just one click.


Effective Torque: 180 kNm / 132000 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 1800 mm / 6 ft
Drilling Depth: 17 m / 54 ft
Operating weight with 5/54 KB: 38 ton – 84200 lb

Designed for the powerlines and substation jobs, it fits a 1800mm tool along the mast and different types of kelly bar ensure different drilling depth.


Effective Torque: 216 kNm / 160000 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 1800 mm / 6 ft
Drilling Depth: 25 m / 82 ft
Operating weight with 5/25 KB): 43.5 ton – 96000 lb

Named after the market for which it has been designed and engineered, Japan.
A machine suitable not only for conventional drilling but also for removing old concrete piles and foundations from the ground.
In fact, the HPM180J is equipped with high rotary torque to place casings around the pile, two bigger crowd cylinders and hydraulic foot mast to extract it from the ground.


Effective Torque: 216 kNm / 160000 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 1800 mm / 6 ft
Drilling Depth: 13 m / 42 ft
Operating weight with 5/42 KB): 39.3 ton – 86700 lb

The rig with the best torque/weight ratio in its class.
The HPM180R is equipped with high torque rotary, the ideal machine to work with big tools in tough soil condition.
Easy to maintain, easy to move from pile to pile and great stability at any working radius. The HPM180R is one of the most requested drill for utility foundations.


Effective Torque: 216 kNm / 160000 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 1800 mm / 6 ft
Drilling Depth: 46 m / 150 ft
Peso (operating weight with 5/150 KB): 53.7 ton - 118400 lb

It is like the other HPM180s with something more.
The HPM180+ is equipped with a CAT expandible undercarriage.
The tall mast configuration allows greater depths, while keeping the conversion to short mast easy and quick.
The benefits of a standard mast machine, with the ability to have a short mast rig in a couple of hours.

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