HPM 100J

Big innovation with a small footprint.

Mounted on a CAT 313 NGH base

Available in the following configurations:

  • HPM100J
  • HPM100J Short Mast

* Each rig can be easily converted from standard to short-mast version and vice versa in a very short time

Revolutionary in its components and classic in its geometries, one of the smallest drilling rigs in the HPM range makes its debut: the HPM100J.
Equipped with an innovative perforation system, it will soon revolutionize the entire production of HPM machines.

The expandable undercarriage provides great stability at great working radius and interaxis.

Automatic functions like auto-verticalization of the mast, return to drilling point with one button, automatic rig-up from transport to working phase will ensure safety, reliability and high drilling performances.

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The HPM100J are mounted on CAT 313 base, equipped with a CAT C3.6 engine, which meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, and Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) emission standards.

Patented Rotary Gear System

During the working phase, the operator can choose the right rotary rotation speed, having 10 speed level choices.
HPM has a gear control system that allows the operator to reach quickly the optimal spin-off speed, with just one click.

Auxiliary House Lock

The HPM100J can be equipped with an auxiliary swing brake between the undercarriage and upper.
The operator can make the full use of the whole torque without feeling vibrations or machine swinging from side to side.


Effective Torque 105 kNm / 77450 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 1000 mm / 3.28 ft
Drilling Depth: 32 m / 105 ft
Operating Weight (with 5/25 KB): 26.5 ton / 58400 lb

The Winch Crowd System allows a great rotary stroke of 5200mm (17’) making the ideal machine to work with long casings.
Also in this standard mast configuration, the machine can be transported in one load reducing the transport cost and assembly time.
Convertible in short mast in quick time, the HPM100J standard mast can be equipped with various piling applications like DTH, hammer, CFA, soil mixing etc.

HPM100J Short Mast

Effective Torque: 105 kNm / 77450 lb.ft
Drilling Diam.: 1000 mm / 3.28 ft
Drilling Depth: 11 m / 36 ft
Operating weight with 6/10 KB: 24.5 ton – 54000 lb

The HPM100J short Mast is designed to work under very limited headroom situation.
When the articulation is moved forward, the machine reach a working height of just 5m (16’).
The ideal configuration to work inside buildings, under bridges and infrastructures.

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